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Home Lifts Manufacturer in Delhi NCR, Home Lifts Suppliers in Delhi NCR, Home Lifts Repair & AMC Services in Delhi NCR. Our Home Lifts category has a large number of lifts. The Accessibility Division has a stair lift, wheel chair lift and variety of elevators for various applications. The stair lift or wheel chair lift has an advantage of offering free mobility against barriers. We provide these stair lift or wheel chair lifts in a variety of models to suit the clients' budget and needs. These stair lift have the ability to climb steep angles and even round corners.
We offer Residential Elevators which consist of six home elevators to provide easy way to carry groceries, laundry and other things from one floor to another floor.


Drive Geared Motor Gearless Motor
Door Manual Automatic
Power 440V AC/50 Hz/2 KW 220V AC/50 Hz/3 KW
Lift Shaft Civil Structure in Brick or RCC Steel Structure Covered with
Cabin & Door Design Powder Coated Cement sheet/Glass
Control Frequency Control ACV3F Stainless Steel/Glass Panoramic
No. of Floor(Max. height) Max. 5 floors (15 meters) -

Model Capacity Car Size Lift Shaft (Internal) Lift Shaft (External) Door Size Machine Room
Width Depth Width Depth Width Depth Width Depth Width Depth Height
LAGHU 2 Person or 200 kg 850 850 1220 1220 1400 1400 700 1900 1400 1400 2000
ANUJ 3 Person or 275 kg 1000 850 1400 1220 1550 1400 800 1900 1600 1400 2000
All dimensions in mm