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Hospital Elevators

Hospital Elevators Manufacturer, Suppliers in Palwal

Hospital Elevators

Hospital Elevators Manufacturer in Palwal, Hospital Elevators Suppliers in Palwal, Hospital Elevators Repair & AMC Services in Palwal. Recon Elevators offers Hospital Elevators in Palwal which provide easy transportation of patients. These Hospital Elevator which we supplying in Palwal helps to carry bulky medical equipment such as stretchers and wheel chairs which is frequently used in Palwal Hospitals. These Automatic Hospital lifts feature sophisticated looks and operated smoothly. Hospital Elevators in Palwal are available in a wide variety capable of carrying between 10 to 26 passengers at a time.
Automatic Doors, The automatic doors in an elevator on the others hand are absolutely-they keep people from falling down an open shaft. Elevators use two different sets of doors: doors on the cars and doors opening into the elevator shaft. The doors on the are operated by an electric motor which is operated by the elevator computer.
Manual Doors, Elevators use two different sets of doors in these cars and these doors opening into elevator shaft. Doors in the cars are operated by an electric motor which in turn is operated by the elevator computer. In a relatively short period of time elevators have become essential to urban life. As people continue to erect monumental skyscrapers and make small buildings handicap-accessible, elevators will become an even more pervasive element in society. It is truly important-and useful – machines of the modem era.


Load Car-Inside Lift-Well Entrance Machine Room Speed Mps Pit Depth Head Room
Persons Kg. Width Depth width Depth
15 1020 950 2400 1700 3000 800 3700 5500 Up to 1.5 1600 4800
20 1360 1300 2400 2200 3000 1200 4200 5500
26 1768 1600 2400 2350 3000 1200 4350 5500 Over 1.5 2500 6700